A little about Maru Ramen Bar


Daniel, Dores

May 2021

Maru Ramen was really a pleasant surprise. I went there yesterday and I ordered the Maru Ramen and the broth was silky, smooth and flavorful. It didn’t taste watered down at all. It had a good amount of meat which a lot of restaurants usually don’t. The pork itself was nice and tender. The toppings were excellent and the Ramen was perfectly cooked. Maru Ramen is connected to Moo cafe and i got the Mint Mojito coffee which i did not expect mint in coffee to be good but that also was a pleasant surprise. Will def make this a regular spot. Cheers!

Diane B.

 May 2021

You enter and order through the boba tea shop next door. The garlic noodles with beef are amazing!!! We also tried the pot stickers, 3 different ramen (one all vegetarian) and the chicken wings. No leftovers.

Michael C.

 April 2021

Excellent Ramen in Elk Grove. Chasu pork in big servings & noodles cooked just right. Will definitely go back when craving for ramen. Cant wait for their indoor dining, great interior design. Highly recommended!

Kathy L.

 April 2021

The food came in boxes so that freaked me out a bit. I opened the box and pleasantly surprised by the taste and combinations. I’d definitely go back. They don’t have seating outside which was cool as I was just popping out for a pickup lunch to take home.

Sophie M.

 March 2021

I had the Akamaru Tonkatsu ramen and the Bulgogi fries to-go! Honestly super good! I didn’t need to re-heat the broth even tho I live hella far away! Personally, I feel like I can take a good amount of heat. The Ramen was super good with just a little bit of its spice and then the rest on the side. Otherwise I feel like my mouth would be on fire! The fires were absolutely delicious with the fried egg. Not a lot of meat which was a bummer but no big deal. I’ll definitely be back! So far it was a really flavorful experience and I’d make that drive again! Definitely a must if you’re in the area!